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Nibs - Los Bejucos D.O. (250g)

Nibs - Los Bejucos D.O. (250g)

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The 86 cacao farms certified organic and comprising about 10,927 tareas (690 ha) in Los Bejucos share special attributes that contribute to this origin’s distinct personality. Warmer than the hilly Ramonal, the entire area is irrigated by three underground rivers, and there is perfect soil drainage even in the flat lower region.

Already blessed with natural advantages, farms are undergoing revitalization adding improved clones to their older stock. Everywhere one goes in Los Bejucos there are sliding roof dryers in various stages of conservation. There is something seductive about the flavor profile of this origin: a powerful yet round blend of satisfying cacao, rich dried fruits like prunes, walnuts, a hint of black olives, and fresh berry notes.

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