Working with Cacao Farmers

FUPAROCA, Inc., Foundation for Social Assistance, Rehabilitation and Organic Management of Cacao Plantations, Incorporated.

FUPAROCA is an independently managed non-profit organization, founded and supported by Rizek Cacao S.A.S., which provides technical assistance to its 2.5k affiliated farmers.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The FUPAROCA Foundation is committed to its members by developing a set of tasks and programs, such as:

  • Integrated handling of soil, pests and waste
  • Conservation of natural resources
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Community training and social provisions

These programs support the development of cacao communities by improving their quality of life, preserving natural resources and biodiversity.

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The Poddy Project

“Poddy reminds us that it is our duty to give back to the farmers the same smile cacao brings to us”. Handmade by “the Poddy Team”, composed of FUPAROCA farmers and their families. Poddy has become FUPAROCA’S mascot, which represents the mission of all cacao farmers in the Dominican Republic.

  • From their hands to yours

    Each Poddy is carefully handmade by farmers who have developed great crafting skills with wood and fabric in addition to cacao production.

    Poddy is sold individually at our stores. Larger quantities are available upon request. If you wish to support the Poddy project through your business, contact us at

  • Adopt a Poddy

    All proceeds from the sale of Poddies, are destined to social works to benefit members of the foundation.

Denominations of Origin

A Denomination of Origin is the causal relationship between the geographical area and the quality or characteristics of the product: it is the link between the designation of origin, product and territory. We have two established official Denominations of Origin where a limited number of highly trained farmers produce distinctive beans.

86 farms

63 farmers

683 Ha

445 Mt per year

129 farms

69 farmers

554 Ha

310 Mt per year