"Typical notes of carbbean cacao, racemaso pepper, licorice and ginger. Pleasant acidity and fruity aftertaste."

  • “Consequently, a newly created and acquired category has been introduced in  cacao farming and processing: Biome Cacao”

  • With the West Indian, we have taken ingredients from the very farms where the  cacao is grown. We have juxtaposed these ingredients with the cacao during  certain periods of processing, which allows for a certain aromatic migration or  association. Consequently, a newly created and acquired category has been  introduced in cacao farming and processing: Biome cacao.

    This cacao bean recipe benefits, on a holistic level, from the composition of other  crops growing in the region and the specific farms. The native West Indian bay  trees and ginger crops positively impact this exotic flavor profile. West Indian, or  West Indies, which includes all the countries and territories of three main  archipelagos: the Greater Antilles (to which the Dominican Republic belongs to),  the Lesser Antilles, and the Lucian Archipelago.

  • Certified organic by Ecocert SA

  • Certified by the National Kosher Supervision

  • International Chocolate Awards (Americas & World 2020-21)