Single origin, award-winning cacao & chocolates

Creativity, talent and experience have driven us to expand our recipes, while showcasing the potential of our cacao.

A process like no other

Analyze clients’ needs

We partner with our customers to analyze their business goals and final results they want to obtain in their products.

Tailor-made cacao

Tailor-made cacao achieved by controlling and differentiating all steps of production and processing, to create unique flavors.

Quality control

Physical and chemical parameter checks for all batches.

Innovation & Processing

Innovation & Processing

CETICO stands for Center for the Integral Transformation of Cacao

This is a unique facility conceived by Rizek Cacao to produce the best, distinctive cacao, from wet beans.

  • The first fully integrated post-harvest cacao processing center.
  • Exclusive methods and equipment for fermentation and drying.
  • Microbiological controls.
  • Highly qualified professionals.
  • Sensory panel.
  • Physical and chemical parameters quality control for all batches.