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The Rizek’s are cacao growers, processors and exporters who believe that discipline in production protocols, R&D and innovation are the key to obtaining true quality, from tree to bar. The family owns several beautiful farms planting fine and flavor single varietals of unique pureness, and works directly with more than 6,000 small farmers and their communities, who are affiliated to the FUPAROCA Foundation.

Our company is a long time adherent to the Global Compact of the United Nations and a pioneer in obtaining the Rainforest Alliance certification for cacao plantations, to the extent of almost 20,000 hectares. We have also become a contributing partner of the Climate Smart Cocoa project of the World Cocoa Foundation, where the focus on Forest protection is paramount.

“We have been working together with our farmers and their families for four generations. It is our duty to share with them the progress and benefits that we have achieved together”

– Hector José Rizek

Nadia Rizek, fifth generation of the Rizek family, continues to honor the century-long cacao legacy that is committed to, not only growing high quality beans, but also to celebrate the wide range of flavor profiles we have been able to develop.

The acceptance and growth of our brand in the Dominican Republic allowed us to open our first concept store in the United States. Creativity, talent and experience have driven us to expand our product lines beyond the traditional recipes that were initially conceived.

“One cacao bean does not represent an entire country, where there can be thousands of varieties”. We are very excited to share our chocolate creations with the rest of the world”.

-Nadia Rizek

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Kahkow USA, our flagship store in the US, opened in 2019. This concept store, located in Brooklyn, New York, has been envisioned as a place where chocolate lovers and chocolate makers can immerse in the cacao and chocolate world by enjoying, learning, and participating in the entire process: from the moment cacao is planted, to tasting exquisite chocolate bars, confections and preparations.

Kahkow is a store, a workshop and a space that showcases the best in the farm-to-bar industry. It is a one-stop-shop for craft chocolate makers, and prosumers in quest of the finest ingredients for their creations. We’re proud to present cacao and chocolate lovers the richness and the infinite possibilities offered by real farms in the Dominican Republic in Kahkow USA.

The store also features a video wall where visitors can experience fermentation process and cacao farms live from the Dominican Republic.

A Family Business Since 1905 

Since 1905, Rizek Cacao has been known for its passion in cacao production. Our farms, located in the heart of the Dominican Republic, are distinguished by the excellence of their genetic material and their extraordinary post-harvest treatment. Rizek Cacao is ideologically and pragmatically committed to the protection of the forests of the Dominican Republic and environmental balance as a whole.

Kahkow introduced distinctive recipes in the gourmet chocolate industry by being the first in the world to produce certified organic chocolate at the place of origin.


From the Dominican Republic…

The place where our passion for cacao and chocolate began.

– Farms
– Post-harvest center
– Stores
– Experiences

…to the rest of the world.

We’re eager to expand our century long know-how to new horizons, providing the variety and richness of our cacao for the finest creations imagined.

New York: A concept store, a workshop. A space to showcase the best in the farm-to-bar industry.

Europe & Asia: Coming soon!



We promote the selection of the best varieties available in the country by means of grafting and asexual reproduction. As a result, there are Rizek named clones that stand out for their yield and tasting qualities.


We believe that discipline in production protocols is key in obtaining true quality.


Fermentation and drying can be induced and controlled to a certain extent. This limit of control has to be pushed continuously further.


Microbiology and biochemistry shed a meaningful light on the mystery of the creation of aromas. Knowledge makes the difference.


We believe in certifications because they represent a true commitment to a system of values and good practices that are crucial to the sustainability of the cacao sector.

Innovation & Processing


CETICO stands for Center for the Integral Transformation of Cacao.

This is a unique facility conceived by Rizek Cacao to produce the best, distinctive cacao, from wet beans.

-The first fully integrated post-harvest cacao processing center.

- Exclusive methods and equipment for fermentation and drying.

- Microbiological controls.

- Highly qualified professionals.

- Sensory panel.

- Physical and chemical parameters quality control for all batches.