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Kahkow USA

Anejo VSOD 66% with candied nibs

Anejo VSOD 66% with candied nibs

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Award winning

The beans of our Añejo bar are well fermented and cured in barrels that were formerly used for the production of rum. Our cacao is stored in these barrels for months. During this period, aromas of wood and rum penetrate the beans.

This bar contains candied añejo nibs for an added crunch.

Flavor profile: an initial chocolate note, followed by aromas of raisin and rum. A distinct oaky note becomes present, along with cacao and tobacco. Long aftertaste.

Ingredients: organic cacao, organic cane sugar, our own organic pressed cacao butter, organic sunflower lecithin, and añejo candied nibs.

Kosher Information: Parve

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