• Tailor-made cacao profiles

    with a variety of flavors

    from our micro origins


Concept store

Virtual Factory Tour

Experience our chocolate-making process in our Brooklyn location, now through Zoom!

Virtual Farm Tour

Learn about our bean-to-bar process, starting with our farms in the Dominican Republic.

Live Demos

Learn how to make our signature Kahkow recipes through Zoom!


Meet Our Team

Damion Badalamenti

Head Chocolate Maker & Product Developer

Responsible for the delicious smell of chocolate as soon as you enter our concept store, he conceives bold & exciting chocolates with the variety of our single origin flavor profiles. Damion is a New York City native with over 20 years of experience in the chocolate industry, in Europe and in the US, specializing in the development of fine chocolates and pastries, while implementing his unique techniques in Kahkow’s creations.

Alex Ritthaler

Assistant to Head Chocolate Maker

Ready to prepare amazing chocolate beverages, Alex will always greet you with a smile at our concept store. Not only does he assist our Head Chocolate Maker, but he also takes care of baking goods and moulding our delicious bars & confections.

Jamey Atkerson

Chocolate Barista

Jamey will greet you with a warm Kahkow welcome, let you know about our latest chocolates and creations, answer any questions you might have. Need a coffee, or a pastry? She also works alongside Alex taking care of baking goods and packing our delicious bars & confections.

The Chocolate Wall at Kahkow USA

Our chocolate wall showcases some of the best and most award winning chocolates in the bean to bar industry, from all around the world. Info sheets are displayed next to each of the chocolate bars of this curated selection describing their origins, production process and other unique details.

Our Selection

Immersive Video Walls

Our concept store features 2 video walls where visitors can experience live views of our farms in the Dominican Republic, as well as the post-harvest process performed in CE.T.I.CO*. CETICO is a unique facility conceived by Rizek Cacao with the aim of producing the best, distinctive cacao beans recipes. It is the first fully integrated post-harvest - fermentation & drying – in our processing facility, located in San Francisco de Macorís.

*CE.T.I.CO stands for: Center for the Integral Transformation of Cacao.

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