About Us

We are cocoa producers. We specialize in the fermentation and drying of the fruit to obtain grains and differentiated semi-finished products. We have supplied grains to the best chocolatiers in the world since 1906 and we are chocolatiers since 2007. We are now offering ingredients for artisan chocolatiers.

Our Story


Since 1905 the Rizek family is known for their passion in the production of cocoa in the Dominican Republic. Their farms located in the heart of the country are distinguished by the excellence of their genetic material and extraordinary post-harvest treatment that give their fruits.


The acceptance and growth of the brand allowed us to open our first store in Bluemall, a place to exhibit creations with chocolate and promote their culture to the hearts of Dominicans. Our creativity, talent and experience allowed us to expand our base recipes: 55%, 62%, 70%, 82% and 100%.


Kah Kow is introduced in the local market in 2011, with recipes 70% and 62% we became pioneers of the gourmet chocolate industry to be the first to produce certified chocolate in the place of origin.


From the launch of our chocolate and macadamia cream, Chocodamia; we keep expanding our range of products with other creations both organic and seasonal.