Monte Plata

Flavor profile

Chocolate core with bittersweet grapefruit, walnuts, wood and olive complexity, balanced with the vegetable tartness of physalis (goldenberry), and blackberry.

Cultural profile

As in other parts of the Monte Plata province that contribute cacao to the Rizek Essentials origin collection, it seems as if cacao has been there for centuries along with the farms in the municipalities of Yamasá, Peralvillo, and Bayaguana that account for the bulk of cacao production. But the history of the region is far more complex than meets the eye.

Cacao has come into its own only in recent decades to diversify an economy that has largely depended on sugar cane, tobacco, and cattle ranching, concentrated largely in flatter lands of the province.

Soil & geographical features

Sub-tropical Rainforest, argillaceous soil, Sierra de Yamasá (Yamasá Mountain Range) and Ozama and Yabacao Rivers.

Try our chocolate made with these cacao beans:

Monte Plata 100%

El Antiguo 70%