Flavor profile

Chocolatey citrus with walnuts and wood, grassy undertones and hints of strawberry, almond and geranium.

Cultural profile

In 2007 the province of Salcedo was officially renamed Hermanas Mirabal in honor of the three Mirabal sisters, who heroically defied the dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo and were assassinated by Trujillo’s minions in 1960. To this day, neighboring cacao farmers treasure a special link with the Mirabal family, who also grew cacao.

The farmers’ commitment to biodiversity through the organic farming program developed by the Rizek Group’s FUPAROCA (Fundación Para La Asistencia Social, Recuperación y Manejo Orgánico de Plantaciones Cacaoteras) agency preserves one side of the Mirabal sisters’ legacy: respect for all forms of life.

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Soil & geographical features

Tropical Rainforest, Clay loam soil, Limestone and coarse-grained calcareous conglomerates, Cordillera Septentrional (a mountain chain running parallel to the north coast of the Dominican Republic) and Cenoví River.